Toyota Belta 2010 Side Mirror


KSh 12,000.00

Toyota Belta 2010 Side MirrorSpecifications

Visibility Features:

  • Wide Angle Viewing: The mirror provides a broad field of view, allowing the driver to monitor adjacent lanes and blind spots effectively.
  • Adjustability: Most models are equipped with electrically adjustable mirrors, enabling the driver to customize the mirror position with the touch of a button from inside the vehicle.
  • Convex Design: The mirror may have a convex shape, further expanding the viewing angle and minimizing blind spots.
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The side mirror of the 2010 Toyota Belta is a crucial safety feature, providing visibility to the driver for safe lane changes and parking maneuvers. It typically features a sleek design that complements the car’s aesthetics and may include electric adjustment and heating functions for added convenience in various weather conditions. The mirror housing is aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind noise and may incorporate turn signal indicators for enhanced visibility to other drivers. Overall, the side mirror of the Toyota Belta combines functionality with style to ensure safe and comfortable driving experiences.

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