Toyota Fielder 2010 Front Bumper


KSh 22,000.00

Toyota Fielder 2010 Front BumperSpecifications

  1. Impact Absorption: The front bumper is designed to absorb and distribute the force of minor collisions, helping to protect the vehicle’s critical components, such as the radiator and engine, as well as enhance passenger safety.
  2. Aerodynamics: The shape and design of the bumper contribute to the car’s aerodynamic efficiency, helping to reduce air resistance and improve fuel economy.
  3. Mounting Points for Accessories: The bumper includes mounting points for accessories such as fog lights, license plates, and sometimes even small spoilers or splitters that can enhance performance and appearance
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The front bumper of the 2010 Toyota Fielder, part of the Corolla Fielder lineup, is an integral component of both the vehicle’s aesthetic and functional design. This front bumper is built to be durable and withstand the rigors of daily driving. However, like all exterior components, it is susceptible to wear and tear from environmental factors such as UV exposure, temperature fluctuations, and road conditions. Regular cleaning and occasional application of protective treatments can help maintain its appearance and longevity. In case of damage, the plastic construction makes it relatively easy to repair or replace.

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