We are a leading outsourcing company that deals with various types of merchandise. We sell and/or purchase on behalf of our clients, and deliver the items right to their doorsteps. We operate both online and from our physical location.

We sell/supply and deliver various types of merchandise; including but not limited to laptops, desktops, printers, phones, tablets, all related accessories, auto spare parts, vehicles, solar items and household items.

Once you order something from us, we liaise with our suppliers, do everything from procurement all through to travel logistics, and finally do a delivery to your doorstep within the given timeline.

We do our supplies and deliveries worldwide and have a wide network of suppliers of various products in China, Dubai as well as in Kenya.

Our Shop

Physical Location

We are located at Rahimtulla Trust Building, 1st Floor, Room 19, along Moi Avenue, opposite Bihi Towers, Nairobi, Kenya.





 Customer Service

We are always there to answer your queries, concerns, complaints and fears anytime you reach out to us. We have a 24-hour operational customer service lines 0722 292887 / 0727 751334 / 0720 932377 that are on calls, WhatsApp and text.

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