Toyota Belta 2010 Control Arm


KSh 4,000.00

Toyota Belta 2010 Control ArmSpecifications

Function and Importance

The control arm, also known as the A-arm or wishbone, connects the wheel hub and steering knuckles to the vehicle’s frame, allowing for controlled motion of the wheels. It helps maintain proper alignment of the wheels and absorbs shocks from the road, contributing to the overall handling and ride quality of the car.

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The control arm of the 2010 Toyota Belta is a vital component of the vehicle’s suspension system, playing a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and stable ride. Its a critical suspension component that ensures proper wheel alignment, stability, and handling. Made from durable materials and designed to absorb shocks and vibrations, it plays a key role in providing a smooth and safe driving experience. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn components are essential to keep the vehicle in optimal condition.

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