Toyota Harrier 2010 Condenser


KSh 10,000.00

Toyota Harrier 2010 CondenserSpecifications


  • Heat Dissipation: The primary function of the condenser is to dissipate heat. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure, high-temperature gas and flows through the condenser coils, releasing heat to the surrounding air.
  • Phase Conversion: As the refrigerant loses heat, it condenses into a high-pressure liquid. This phase conversion is essential for the A/C system to function effectively, as the cooled liquid refrigerant is then cycled back through the system to absorb heat from the vehicle’s interior.
  • Cooling Efficiency: The efficiency of the condenser directly affects the overall performance of the A/C system. A well-functioning condenser ensures that the refrigerant is adequately cooled and converted, maintaining optimal cooling performance within the cabin.
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The condenser in a Toyota Harrier 2010 is a crucial component of the vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system. The A/C condenser in the Toyota Harrier 2010 is a vital component for the effective operation of the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Constructed from durable materials like aluminum, it efficiently dissipates heat and converts refrigerant gas into liquid, ensuring a comfortable cabin environment. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of the condenser are essential to sustain the performance and longevity of the A/C system, contributing to the overall comfort and efficiency of the vehicle.

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